Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thanks to the ANG Facebook page, I just discovered that Erica Wilson has died.  Her popular books and tv series led me to teach myself crewel when I was in college.  That was my first step on my road to needlepoint fun.  Thank you, Erica.  The needle arts in America are richer because of you.

UPDATE:  Mary Corbet has a few thoughts about Erica Wilson and her place in stitching history.

Ann also is thinking about Erica.  They are right on all counts. From the things I've been told by folks who knew and worked with Erica, she wasn't above using others and letting people think their work was hers.  Not a nice person, in other words, but very very influential.  I hope to be a better person and perhaps have a thousandth of her impact on needlepoint some day.

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  1. The needlework world lost a great champion. I was so influenced by her crewel embroidery book when I was younger and that led to the discovery of so many other needlework areas, including needlepoint! I'm sure she was happy to see such a flowering of the craft on the web today.

  2. That is so sad, tho she lived to a pretty good old age. She contributed so much, as you say.

  3. i am another stitcher who started seriously stitching with erica's crewel embroidery. and i still love crewel. she did live a nice long life and her contributions to the art of needlework will long be remembered. rest in peace erica.