Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Appears Courtesy of Mimi UPDATED AGAIN

The Patchwork Santa who is decorating Blog this morning was a gift from my friend Mimi who stitched the standup in a Carole Lake weekly class at Needleworks in Austin years ago. Isn't he handsome? He usually decorates my house each Christmas but since I have a rambunctious puppy large enough to grab him off the dining room table, this year Patchwork Santa is only decorating Blog.

By the way, you can only see his head and upper torso right now.  Santa will appear fully only when Christmas is here!

The painted canvas under Patchwork Santa's stitches is by JB Designs.  There is also a matching Mrs. Santa, who comes either wearing an apron or without.

UPDATE:  Thanks to a question from Susan, I looked at Needle Works' website and see that they sell both Mr. and Mrs. Patchwork Santa with Carole Lake's class instructions which are excellent according to Mimi.  Thanks for asking, Susan!

UPDATE:  PFOS has both Mr. and Mrs. Patchwork in stock.

Thank you, Mimi.  My Christmas is brighter because of you.

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  1. Jane-There is something about sheep, isn't there? I wonder if I know Mimi. I stitched Patchwork Santa with Carole Lake a million years ago. I don't have a rambunctious puppy, but do have a vicious cat who is after my needlepoint. Patchwork Santa is on display at my house, but on a very high shelf. Merry Christmas!


  2. Mimi's tall, brunette, rather thin, talkative and very very particular about her stitching. I learned not to settle from Mimi and I hope I taught her to relax and enjoy her stitching. Have you stitched Mrs. Patchwork, too? I know Carole taught both as you said "a million years ago."

    Small world, isn't it?

  3. I can only see part of him as he is behind the blog, but his beard looks wonderful!

  4. Santa's only partly visible now. It's not Christmas yet, after all!

  5. How did she make the beard??

  6. If I remember correctly, it is one size of Fuzzy Stuff, just couched down here and there.

  7. Love your Santa - Kelly Doyle and I stitched one also, and Kelly taught it as a class about 15 years ago. It looks like Mimi changed all the colors and stitches, as we did. I wonder if anyone stitched this the way it was painted!?

  8. Well, duh....I could have read it better, but I think he is awesome!

  9. Pat, it's early in the morning. No one is awake!

    Gayle, I think perhaps the beard is Loopy, which is a knitting yarn packaged for NP. It's couched down. I asked Mimi and although she isn't sure, that's what she remembers. She says to tell you that Loopy comes in several shades of ecru/tan and also in several diameters so choose the one you like for your Santa best.

  10. Peggi, I wonder myself if there were several versions of the painted design. Now there are definitely two Mrs. Patchwork Santas, one with an apron and one without. There may have been several versions of Mr. Patchwork Santa, too.