Saturday, February 4, 2012

Three Pairs of Eyes (Day of the Dead)

My Belleza has blank eyes
I'm sure you have been wondering what is going on with my Day of the Dead piece. Not to worry.  I've been stitching away on Belleza.  I'm just doing a large boring part--the skull and bones.  Nothing much to talk about!  At this point Belleza looks mostly bald. LOL

However, Sheena has been doing more interesting things.

I won't tell you why she thought elongated tent stitches work better for her eye, but I will say that the three of us each choose a different stitch for our eyes for a different reason. I wanted a matte black look because of all the things going on elsewhere.  I choose regular tent stitches to create a "black hole" effect.  Janet went with skip tent for Pocito. She wants sparkle in her eyes so she will back them with a shiny fabric behind the canvas.  Sheena needs a platform for something interesting so she went with elongated tent stitches for her Pocito.  Three stitchers, three canvases, three eye treatments.

All these are the right choice for our interpretation of our own canvas.

Next time I'll talk backgrounds and why I am doing my background last this time.

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Nancy L said...

I'm delighted to see your progress on Belleza - I started to say she's coming to life, but that wouldn't be quite right, would it??

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Well, you know Dr. Frankenstein screamed, "It's ALIVE!" Guess we could call the Day of the Dead ladies lively! LOL

NCPat said...

I was wondering where she was...great progress! The eyes sink right in!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks, Pat. I've been very busy with her but it's more or less doing boring stuff, laying the foundation for fun things. The most interesting part is how we three are all approaching things differently.