Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time Travel with Erica Wilson

Thanks to Donna, I know that some of the 1970s era Erica Wilson TV programs are now online and there are plans to post more bits of her crafts program.

This is really a trip back in time.  The colors and designs are very early 1970s and the embroidery is crewel, bargello and surface embroidery with a little goldwork thrown in.  The information is timeless, however.  The videos appear on the EricaWilsonNantucket YouTube channel.

There is a link to an article about Erica's life and work and links to eBay sales.  Her many books and crewel kits are easily available at auctions there.  I taught myself crewel from her books and owe her a huge debt in that I brought those surface embroidery skills to my needlepoint.  I remember watching some of her TV programs on my roommate's set in college, wishing I could stop the program to study some of the embroideries.  Now I can!

The power of the Internet is amazing but I had no idea it was a time machine.  Back to college I go!

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Unknown said...

I *dare* you to enter "embroidery" as a search term on YouTube!

Actually, my most commented upon YouTubes are "you stole this from {...} and provided no acknowledgement", followed by the words "evil" and "thief". They really get under my skin.

I've talked about it with Mary C - who has had a lot of her tutorials ripped off. Unfortunately, there's not much to be done.

(Sorry, hobbyhorse of mine)

Meanwhile, there's Erica Wilson's vids to explore..I'm doing my first crewel piece in years right now...thanks!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I think the only thing one can do is to keep your eyes open and complain to YouTube.  They will take things down if pestered. The thieves reappear, of course, but a concerted effort will help. I don't know why Needlepoint isn't stolen so often but there are fewer videos available to rip off. I do hope you enjoy the Erica Wilson videos. I certainly did.