Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mindy Trunk Show UPDATED

M's Fuchsias
Pocket Full of Stitches' newest trunk show is from Mindy. Since I adore Mindy's designs, I am going to enjoy each blog posting with its tons of photos a great deal. Settle down with me on the couch and enjoy the show. Look!  I own that stacked pumpkin canvas.  I'm really going to pull that out and stitch it one day.  The purples and oranges are so beautiful!  Hey, there's the fuchsia canvas M. just finished stitching!

She doesn't know I'm posting her photograph here.  If she doesn't kill me for this, I'll update this trunk show posting with new photos as PFOS adds them to their blog.

UPDATE:  As Karen pointed out, there's a Mindy trunk show at Bristly Thistle, too.  I just got the note in my In Box.  Double the fun!  (And double the places to hide while M. tracks me down for posting her photo as a surprise....)

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  1. Oh my, bankrupcy here I come. Those Christmas and Halloween trees are adorable. And those bags. The pumpkins are a treasure too. Sigh

  2. You can double your viewing pleasure: Bristly Thistle also has a Mindy trunkshow this month.

  3. Good! I'd either forgotten or haven't heard yet about the trunk show at Michele's. What fun!

  4. Sorry, Palma. I'm in the same boat. Guess we'll be stitching in bankruptcy court together.