Monday, April 22, 2013

Swarovski Flat Back Crystal Sequins

The Collection has added Swarovski flat back crystal sequins to their line of embellishments for needlepointers.   Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs of a few colors on their blog.

So far only the 5mm size is on The Collection's website but these are available in the 3mm size as well. Sometimes you can get the same color in both sizes and sometimes you can't.  Some of the colors are only available in one of the sizes right now.  That may change as this is a very new product.

I'm using these on the models I'm stitching for the Dallas and Columbus trade shows.  I can't show progress photos but I can tell you that although you can attach the 5mm size crystal sequins using a bead in the middle hole, the 3mm sequins are too small to be attached this way.  Even a tiny size 14 or 15 bead covers most of a 3mm sequin.  Instead I had to hold the 3mm sequins on with 2-3 tiny straight stitches that cover from the middle hole to an edge.  Try to find a matching colored thread.  A contrasting color may not show up unless it is a shiny metallic on this tiny crystal.

Here is how to attach sequins of any type, including the crystal sequins.  The small the sequin, the fewer threads you need to attach it as you don't want to hide the sparkle under too many holding threads.

In the diagram the turquoise lines are thread.  The turquoise diamond shape is a bead over the sequin hole.  Come up in the hole, add a bead to your needle, go down in the hole again.  This will secure the sequin in position.  You can choose a bead or thread that is the same color as the sequin or look for a contrasting color, depending on the effect you want.  

They are gorgeous, by the way.  You add a lot of sparkle to your canvas using these flat back sew on crystals!

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