Saturday, May 25, 2013

A New Kind of Tekobari

In early May the Japanese Embroidery Center posted about a new type of tekobari on their Facebook page. It's flat instead of squared off. You can see it on the Japanese Embroidery Center website. I inquired and this is Japanese-made just like the tekobari we are used to.  It is much less expensive, however.  The traditional laying tool is $55-75 now.

You can see the regular tekobari here.  The holding end is squared off.  In both types the pointed end is rounded.

For those who are new to laying tools, Sue Dulle has a great article about various items that can be used as laying tools and a brief tutorial on their proper use.  If you are new to the use of laying tools, it doesn't make sense to get a tekobari when there are cheaper alternatives to use when you are starting out. Sue's article will help you find other types to try.

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  1. I was able to purchase a Tekobari laying tool from Needlenook in La Jolla, CA. David McCaskill helped me.

    1. David's a sweetheart. I hope he's doing well after his heart surgery!