Wednesday, May 29, 2013

RSS Reader Alert

Mary Corbet speaks for all bloggers whose readership keeps up with the news via RSS readers.

If the term "RSS reader" means absolutely nothing to you, then you can skip the article, but just so you know,  an RSS reader is a website that lists all the sites you follow in one place so you can log in there and read everything that's been updated.  Google has a site called Google Reader that a lot of people use but that Google (for their own mysterious reasons) has decided to remove Google Reader starting July 1st so folks are looking for alternatives.

Like Mary, I have switched from Google Reader to Feedly.  I've heard good things about Bloglovin but  I like Feedly better.  It seems more natural for me to navigate.  Like everything else, one size does not fit all, so use Mary's article to find a replacement that suits you.

I don't think the list of blogs I maintain at the bottom of this page will be effected as I was careful not to import my Google Reader feeds to create it.  I built it by hand, adding each link manually.  But not all blog lists were done this way so you may find your favorite blog's list of favorites impacted by Google's decision.

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