Friday, May 17, 2013

The Newest Beads and Crystals from The Collection

I was lucky enough to be gifted with quite a few of the latest beads and crystals from The Collection.  What you see in the photo is straight from Destination Dallas.  Crystal sequins are in the packages but I opened the small bead tubes and laid out a few for you to see better.

On the right is a packet of 6 mm square crystal sequins which are very shiny.  There are only four to a package but these are quite expensive.  I have a small hoard from The Sweetheart Tree which were quite expensive even on sale about 8 years ago when I bought them.  The other package is 8mm red flower crystals which are not as sparkly.  These are called marguerites among beaders.  These have eight in the package.

The beads are described from the top down:

Black bugle beads, 3mm long and VERY shiny, don't know if there are other colors available- number is BGL1-401 Black

Leaves -- 10mm and brand new -- I also have solid copper and silver leaves - the clear green in the photo are labeled 101-105-5050 Peridot

Hearts - also new - The ones in the photo are harvest yellow and labeled VLH-13/LK080 Captured Sunset - I also have orange-coral hearts and a green-gray set with streaks in them.  All three colors are labeled hurricane glass (whatever that is).  These glass hearts are 6mm.  They are not sparkly but are semi-transparent.

Clear silver lined Japanese Delicas in size 10/0 (i.e., slightly smaller than the normal 11/0 beads) - These are rounded tubes that look like a giant piece of spaghetti sliced into sections. They are labeled DBM0041 S/L Crystal.

Miyuki size 10/0 triangle beads in matte black - These look like they are cut from a long triangular tube - These are labeled STR10-401F Matte Black.  I also have very shiny gunmetal black, too.

Drop beads in irridescent blue - 3.4 mm - These are labeled DP-261 Tr Sapphire AB. They are very pretty. I only have this color.

More triangle beads - these are not labeled Miyuki but I have a ton of colors. The ones in the photo are a very sparkly blue-teal and are labeled TG-11-7BD Capri Blue. I also have Bronze, silver lined Lime, transparent flesh colored pink, clear with a white lining, and yellow. All are very sparkly!

Your shop can order these for you from The Collection.  See their website for more photos.  The crystals, size 10/0 beads and triangle beads aren't there yet that I see but you should be able to see everything else.

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