Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crossing Over

Kreinik (with the aid of Ann Strite-Kurz and her lovely counted canvaswork patterns) tackles the question of whether cross stitchers can do counted canvaswork.

Short answer--heck yeah!  Especially with the aid of Ann's wonderful charts.

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  1. I started life as a needleworker doing counted cross stitch. I knew no one else who stitched, so was entirely self-taught.

    I started learning about different kinds of stitches a few years into my addiction to needle and thread, but it didn't occur to me until many years later (and a few classes later) that there was actually a distinction between cross stitch and counted canvas. I thought it was all the same thing, just done on different kinds of fabric/canvas.

    So, I never asked myself if I could do counted canvas work, I just started doing it without realizing that I should ask the question. I certainly didn't find it a difficult transition and still do both forms of needlework frequently.

    Someday I will attack the painted canvases in my stash. I have a great plan for one from you Jane - I just need to get off my hiney and *do* it! :-)

    1. Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss. There are plenty of folks who are intimated by what they don't know if a class. I doubt there is a stitching situation you can't master, Erica. Can't wait to see how you tackle painted canvases. With your technical skills honed in the counted thread and canvaswork world, you will blow the rest of us out of the water!