Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finishing and Finishers

Finishing and finishers are always a subject of fascination to me.  I thought it might be helpful to post information about finishers for those who need someone.  Of the alphabetical list below, I've only used Marlene's, Summer Truswell and West Coast Finishing.  I can highly recommend all three.

Cheryl's Needlework Finishing (near St. Louis, MO)

Marlene's (San Francisco, CA)

Quick Stitcher Designs (near Santa Clarita, CA)

Summer Louise Truswell (near Seattle, WA)

Vikki's Stuff (Austin, TX)

West Coast Finishing (Oregon)

Un Chiffon Bon Bon (highly recommended by Canvases Be Gone in Arizona)
 or email mcrobbins@cox.net

For those who don't need a finisher but love the eye candy, here are some photos of wonderful finishing from Nimble Needle's customers followed by more wonderful finishing from The Needlepointer's talented stitchers.


I should mention that most needlepoint shops have local finishers they use.   You will need to take your completed pieces to the shop and they will take it from there.  Before you send things off for finishing, make sure you and the finisher are completely clear on a few things--exactly what you want and don't want, the cost, and approximately when your piece will be ready.  If your shop is the intermediary, a written description and photos for the finisher might be useful to turn over with your piece.

Got any contact information for finishers?  Please email me at chilly hollowat hot maildotcom or post a comment below.  I'm sure I missed folks.  The list above was done off the top of my head but I can always update it.

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  1. Thank you for publishing the list of finishers - information we always need. I'd like to add a recommendation for Cheryl's finishing (St. Louis). She & her staff do most of the finishing for my LNS here in FL. Everything I've seen on its return has been flawless - perfect & tasteful. I frequently send my ornaments with the notation "finisher's discretion" & they have always come back better than anything I would have envisioned.

    1. Thanks for letting us know how much you like Cheryl's Finishing, Cindy. It helps.

  2. Sandy's Finishing Touches at hhigins@aya.yale.edu is in LaJolla and did the finishing for Broom Parking for me. I also use Leigh Shafer in Sedona, AZ at leighstitcher@gmail.com and I have had her do ornaments for me. Both are great!

    1. Thanks, Pat! Neither has a website as far as I know and both are highly praised so I am thrilled to have the contact information here.

  3. Thanks for reminding me. I got an ornament back from Nimble Needle & hadn't put it on my blog yet. It's there now. It pops! Melita

    1. Sure does! It is wonderfully elegant, the sort of timeless ornament that will be a pleasure to display every year. Here's the link, folks. Copy/paste/enjoy!

  4. I agree with Cindy that leaving how your finishing is completed up to the discretion of the finisher is often my recommendation, though not always favorably for the paying customer as they seem to want to have control (and I get this). I find customer's often think in terms of what color they think would work but finishing is often most attractive when prints, plaids or textures are used, not a solid. Reputable, and yes often more costly, finishers have an enormous selection of fabrics trims and ideas of their own which I find can result in outstanding finishing. And they can make their own twisted cord. I think allowing someone who has a creative eye and skill to use their own judgement will yield better results than telling them what to do; maybe thats just me. As a shop owner I appreciate it when a customer concerned with knowing the results ahead of time will bring there own fabric/s and trim/s for me to pass along to an often local finisher; who doesn't have resources of the nationally known finishers. I just wanted to offer your readers another way to look at things. Finishing is a risk for all party's, understanding and flexibility are as helpful during the final stage as much as any other part of the stitching process.