Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lap Stands

Most of the time we stitchers obsess over choosing the right floor stand as they really work well for a lot of us. However, there are other options--such as the lap stand. This sits on a table or in your lap for stitching.  Personally I like sitting at my dining room table to stitch although I don't do that much any more as most of my stitching is at night in front of the TV.  I am not sure if I could use a lap stand for a large piece such as my current 15x15 inch project, either.  But if you are curious or think a lap stand might be the perfect tool for your stitching situation, read Mary Corbet's review of the System Four version.  Note that there are links (including a video) to the floor stand where you can see how the clamp works.

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