Friday, June 14, 2013

Two Interviews (Landscapes and Tools)

By coincidence I ran across two interviews that are of interest to stitchers. The first has Trish Burr (known for her realistic needle painting birds and flowers) talking to Margaret Vant Erve, a Canadian embroiderer known for her painted and stitched landscapes.  There are plenty of photos of Margaret's work to enjoy which is a great treat.

Here's the direct link to Margaret's website where you can see even more examples of her work and classes she teaches.  Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and join me in pondering why embroidery isn't considered art.

The second interview is Mary Corbet talking to Lamora Haidar of Access Commodities about the needle tins that Access sells to shops.  This interview touches on how needlework tools come to market and why stitchers are so attracted to them.  Fascinating!

If Lamora's brief talk on how her company comes up with ideas for stitchers intrigues you, then a visit to the Access Commodities website is something you will want to do.  Click on "Blog" and check out the book review of Dress of the Court of Henry VIII, look at "Products" if you need wool felt from Scotland for a needle book or rice paste glue or Micron pens or much, much more.

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