Friday, July 12, 2013

I am Wired

Kreinik has just announced a new wired thread, Wired Facets.  The original Facets looks a little like a string of beads and is perfect for those who like the look of a row of beads but don't want to actually have to deal with them.

This is what regular Facets look like.  The photos really convey the beads effect.  This is the unwired variety.  The wired Facets will look the same except for the "bendability" factor.  Is that a word?  LOL

Kreinik already has Hot Wire, which is #16 braid with wire down the middle.   This comes in a variety of colors.  Here's information for comparison purposes.

DMC offers Memory Thread, which is wire wrapped with cotton floss.  This is what it is like.

Three wired threads, three different effects.  Isn't it good to be a stitcher these days?!

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