Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Trip to St. Charles With Sue

Instead of putting this with the other St. Charles reports, I thought you should see this by itself because Sue Dulle, who was at TNNA in her professional capacity, explained so well what it was all like.   Thank you, Sue!

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Anonymous said...

I always know when you have said something about my charts go nuts...You have such a following that you break my averages. Thank you, I love it.
TNNA was a fun trip, but more than that so educational. Seeing the needlepoint world from the designer and wholesale side makes you appreciate the art of needlepoint even more.
Thanks again for the post.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Hope you didn't have to serve refreshments when all my stitching friends appeared at your house! Thanks for posting about the St. Charles market. It really took us all there with you, to see what you saw and learn a bit about the business side of NP, so I'm glad so many people were able to read about your trip. Can't wait to hear more about the threads you saw! Many are familiar to me (I'm a threadaholic and all my buddies send me treats to play with) but many are not and it is always interesting to see what other people think about them.