Friday, August 9, 2013

Introducing Friday Finishing

There have been so many wonderful photographs of finishing available on websites and blogs lately that I thought it might be nice to collect and publish those each Friday.  So here's the first official Friday Finishing!

Stephanie showcases ornaments from her SWAN stitching group occasionally.  The SWANs stitch a Christmas ornament for a Christmas exchange each year.  I don't know if these beauties are from past gift exchanges or if they are Stephanie's own work, but they are all wonderful.

If you like Halloween, you'll love these little Creeps from Needle Deeva and little spider from Associated Talents.

If winter is your favorite season, the twirling snowmen tray (Ewe and Eye) will be your favorite.

If fashionable accessories warm your heart, then this The Point of It All classic purse is for you.

I know I show off a lot of finishing here on Blog, but seeing beautiful pieces made up is very inspirational to me and I hope to you also.   Enjoy!

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