Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Am Resisting The Lure of These

Barbara Elmore knows CUTE. Then she turns it into scissor fobs.

I don't even LIKE scissors fobs and am thinking I need one of these! I dare you to look and not be charmed.

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  1. Ohhhh, dear. Now you've done it...enabled me to buy something that would normally be very much a DIY project.
    I do like scissor fobs. In fact, I've made fobs & counting pins for years, as an offshoot of my jewelry-making hobby. (As soon as I get my "paws" on a supply of proper magnets, I'm going to start making needle minders, too.).
    I love Hello Kitty & must have one of these. A red one. Or maybe pink.....

    1. Or both?!
      Anon, adroitly dodging the shoe Cindy threw at me

  2. Or royal blue, to match the Elizabeth Turner Collection needleminder I saw on eBay this afternoon. I'm doomed.