Saturday, October 12, 2013

Need Paterna Information

This week I got a note from the Etsy seller KnitStitchPurl who has a large stock of Paterna two ply crewel wool for sale, asking about this wool. She wanted to know if it was the same wool as the three ply Paternayan we are all familiar with. I don't know, never having seen or used this myself. It seems to date from the 1980s and be 100 percent wool.  Here are the best photos of this stuff which she has in both small 16 yard skeins and 1/4 pound hanks.

It certainly was manufactured by the Paternayan Brothers and probably intended to be plied (or not) depending on the size of fabric it was stitched on.  Anyone know anything about Paterna?  Have you used it?  Is it really just like Paternayan except it is two plies instead of three?  What size needlepoint canvas would you use one or both plies on?  Any help is appreciated!

Here is KnitStitchPurl's Etsy store main page if you prefer to talk to her about this instead of commenting below (or emailing me directly at chillyhollow at hot maildotcom if Comments don't work for you).

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  1. Paterna & Paternayan were the same brand, I think. However, the yarn shown on the Etsy site appears to be crewel wool whereas the Paternayan that is now being re-manufactured is the 3 stranded tapestry yarn that we used to use for needlepoint. I don't remember for sure, but I'd guess that 1 strand of the crewel wool would equal 1 strand of the needlepoint wool. I used to use all 3 strands for Bargello on 13-count and needlepoint on 10-count. In either case, 1 strand would tent stitch on 18-count, but it wasn't consistent. I remember trying to determine which of the 3 strands was the thick one & which the thin one!