Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Halloween Train

Needle Orts Rides the Halloween Train
Last week Needle Orts sent me photos of their version of Raymond Crawford's Halloween train. They are fabulous!  This is the same set that Linda of Stitching Sisters is working on.

What Linda doesn't tell you is that the darning stitch pumpkin background of the train engine shown above is worked in glow in the dark thread (Petite Silk Lame Braid).  It is guaranteed to glow spookily--the staff all crowded into the bathroom at Needle Orts and turned off the lights to test how it looked.  Fabulous!

The Dearly Departed Peeks Out a Window

Debbie told me the hearse car has two beads for the dearly departed and they also added the Undertaker and Family Member to the windows above.

The Spooky Caboose and Its Passengers

However, my personal favorite is the caboose canvas, with its pumpkins, candelabra and black cat riding along to the funeral.  What fun!

You can see the original unstitched canvases at Raymond Crawford's website.  Look for Halloween Part Three.  Needle Orts' website is the second link in case you want to buy a ticket for the stitch guides ride.

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