Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today is Scissors Fob Day UPDATED

Well, this isn't an official holiday but I found new scissors fobs for sale everywhere this week, so I am announcing that today is the day to add fobs to your collection. If, like me, you don't like to use scissors fobs*, then pick up your favorite to use as a zipper pull on that fabulous project bag you just couldn't resist last year.   BeStitched has a nice selection of owl fobs from Barbara Elmore to celebrate fall and Halloween.

Needle Works is having a Fern Ridge Collection trunk show (fifteen percent off).  These are scissor fob kits and look to be very light weight.  Love the mermaid!

Of course the ultimate in Halloween Bling fobs is from Ruth Schmuff, who has some amazing Boo! fobs for sale.  (Don't miss the Hello Kitty one, either.)

*Personally I find scissor fobs heavy, always in the way when I'm cutting, and I never go anywhere so I don't need to know which pair of scissors is mine.  Here in CH, they ALL are!  LOL  That doesn't mean I don't want some of these fobs Just Because....

UPDATE:  More scissor fobs!



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  1. Jane I am like you, I din't like anything on my scissors but I love fobs! I have one on my threader.

    1. I like them on purses and project bags. I have a lovely Lee nylon purse that I want to decorate with just the right scissors fob so I've been hunting!