Friday, November 1, 2013

A New Color of Congress Cloth

Gay Ann Rogers' annual sale of her charts is over, and now her focus is on shipping out purchases. However, she has teamed up with Kate who sells the threads and canvases needed to stitch Gay Ann's pieces. This kitting of designs is very helpful for those who don't have a local shop or who are housebound. Kate does your shopping for you.

I explain all this because one of the things Kate is selling is a sample of the newest congress cloth color, "Soft Ivory." This is an ivory color, the same one you see on old linens. It's not white, it's not ecru. It is in-between.   If you go to Gay Ann's home page and look at the middle of the page under Kate's photo, you'll see a Buy It Now sale for three pieces of the ivory congress cloth.  See the whitework heart to the right of the sale for congress cloth samples?  That was stitched on the new soft ivory color.

Remember, it is too late to buy charts for any of Gay Ann's pieces.  But you can still pick up supplies from Kate.  Want more information about everything Kate has on offer?  Click on the Sale Annex section to browse.  But remember, Kate's sale will end on November 6 so act quickly if you are in the market for pieces of the new congress cloth to play with.

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