Monday, November 4, 2013

Catman and the Lab with a Ball

Today I have a wonderful super hero canvas from Needlepaints to share with you.  Introducing...CAT MAN!  LOL

That canvas cracks me up, but in case you are not a cat person, I have an equally wonderful dog canvas.  This is a canvas from DJ Designs, with a stitch guide from Carolyn Hedge Baird. Click on the photo (which isn't displaying in full for some reason) to see the lab and his tennis ball.  Amazing stitching from The Young Needlepointer, don't you think?

If you don't like dogs OR cats, how about a sheep?  Scroll down a little further to see one of Rebecca Wood's sheep calendar series -- the sheep in a bikini.

Each of the above is wonderful fun.  I hope you enjoyed the animal parade this morning.

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