Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kreinik Brings Us Something Totally Different

Kreinik reminds us that they have some wonderful silk gauze kits. These come with everything you need--threads, silk gauze mounted in a little cardboard mat, even a needle. If you are really lucky, you might be able to get a kit that has a broach setting as well to mount your prize in when you finish it.

Here's Erica Michael's website for silk gauze designs, in case you were curious.

If you are tempted, here are her tips for stitching on silk gauze.  Use one ply of DMC cotton floss or one ply of any brand of silk floss but remember to tie off on the back as far from the edge of the motif as possible if you aren't covering the entire piece of silk gauze in stitches.  Those tiny silk stitches wiggle loose!   She uses size 28 tapestry needles but I prefer beading needles myself.  I would add that the old fashion wire threaders work best to get these tiny needle eyes threaded.  Put a drop of Super Glue on the base where the wires attach.  We stitchers don't know our own strength!

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