Friday, November 15, 2013

The Ort Box, But With a Twist UPDATED

One of ANG's most popular fund raising projects has been Marilyn Owen's Ort Box.  It's a little box that folds up for travel, then unfolds to hold your little thread snippets (orts) in one place until you are ready to discard them all.  Here you can see Melita's articles on working her Ort Box.

ANG just announced a new design by Marilyn--a folding org box with outside pockets to hold your tools.  It's very cute!  The announcement on the ANG email list read:

"Do you love small usable projects? Need something to keep all those orts under control? And your scissors or laying tool handy? Then you need the Ort Box with a Twist! This delightful project was unveiled at Seminar 2013, another ort box design by Marilyn Owen, and it is fabulous stitching fun. Just go to this address on the ANG website and download the order form! 

It's available for anyone, not just ANG members, so let all your friends and neighbors know about it. It's Marilyn's way of saying "Welcome to the world of needlepoint!" and we can't thank her enough. All proceeds from the sales go to support ANG's education programs. You say your friends can't needlepoint? Buy them a lovely gift and teach them to stitch!"

The link ANG provided on their website has photos of the Ort Box With A Twist and if you belong to ANG's email Yahoo Group, there are more photos in the Yahoo Group's photo album.

Once you arrive at the ANG website, there will be a second link to the order form.  I think you have to print it out and mail it in with payment.  No electronic shopping, in other words.  But it is a wonderful small project for stitching play time, to teach that small child in your life, or to create a Christmas gift before The Big Day is here.

UPDATE:  Sara Leigh says the Ort Box with a Twist isn't child's play, but it might be suitable for a teen to work.  She also found a way to pay online using an online payment company I've never heard of, so explore the ANG site carefully if you want to use that payment method.  Thanks for the help, SL!

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  1. I'm still working on the original Ort Box, but I have the instructions for the new Ort Box with a Twist. I wouldn't necessarily say that it's a good project to teach a small child, may be a teenager. I think it might be a little challenging for any younger. I certainly found some bits challenging (like the finishing that I'm not even ready to do). I checked the website, and there is a link to pay with, which is an online method of payment. That's what I use to renew my membership.

    1. Thanks for the update, SL. Looking at the box, I thought it would be easier than that to assemble, but then I did a Nintendo game box once from plastic canvas that was not very difficult. Good to know that you can pay online. I didn't find that so I'd better update the above!

    2. At the moment, you can pay online via only if you are a member of ANG -- you must login to pay that way. ANG is working on a way to let others also pay online. The easiest way to get to the ANG login page is to pretend you want to pay for a Workshop by Mail or a CyberWorkshop -- then when you are logged in, select Ort Box with a Twist instead.

  2. Thanks for the help, Marilyn. And thanks for a wonderful project!