Thursday, November 28, 2013

Up To No Good, Obviously UPDATED

I love reading needlepoint blogs--I keep up with what everyone's up to that way! Naturally they are all up to no good.... 

First of all,  Linda of Stitching Sisters went to Memphis.  What's in Memphis, you say?  That's where Amy's Golden Strand is located  Linda was there on a Rent Amy Bunger visit and she had a BLAST!

Sandy Arthur is busy plotting how her first mystery class will work.  She is getting shops together to help people without a local needlepoint emporium find their supplies.  What fun!  It's not only a mystery class, but a scavenger hunt for supplies!  This is the sort of class I love as I enjoy scrounging around for supplies in my ample stash, substituting interesting threads and finding things I want to do a little differently.

Ruth Schmuff is a veteran of mystery classes and owns Bedecked and Beadazzled in the Baltimore suburbs, so her class mailings come with everything.    If you really need Fun-In-A-Box, this is the class for you.  Ruth is currently working on a Birdy Christmas.  If you like whimsical with bright colors and embellishments, this is the class for you.

So, what have YOU been up to lately?  Don't blog?  Just tell us in the Comments below (or email me at chilly hollowat hotmaildotcom and I'll post for you).


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