Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Book Review: Bead Embroidery

Mary Corbet takes a careful look at the Royal School's newest book, The RSN Essential Stitch Guide--Bead Embroidery.   It looks like an interesting book with a lot of information that can apply to finishing and to canvas work.  Anyone seen a copy?  Can you tell us just how useful you think it will be for a needlepointed who wants to add beading to their skill set?

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  1. I have this book and it is a wonderful book and it is for embroidery and not beading as in making jewerley. It is mostly done on fabric/counted thread linen instead of canvas, but I think most of the stitches which are embroidery stitches using beads and thread would work great in needlepoint projects. I love this book.

    1. Thanks VERY much, Anon! It is good to know that what it covers will be good for both linen and needlepoint stitching. I appreciate the information.