Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Special Nativity Set UPDATED

Speaking of Nativity sets, I have a very special one to share with you this morning, courtesy of Dr. Palma Seljan, who has been stitching the set since early September. This set was designed by Deborah Woodward of Painted Pony.  The pieces can be stitched as a double-sided stand up but Palma chose to do only one side for each of the figures.  Many of the figures are eight inches tall, but some of the smaller ones are five inches tall and the buffalo is the largest at nine inches.

Prepare to be amazed....

The Buffalo

The Horse

The Wolf

The Angel

Little Shepherd Girl
The Pots

Blackfoot Chief

Comanche Chief

Souix Chief

Maria and El Nino

First Two Pieces Finished by West Coast Finishing

Thank you for sharing, Palma!

UPDATE:  Palma has all the pieces of her Nativity set back from the finisher.  You can see it here.  Use the Next command at the upper right corner of the photo from more views of the set.  Amazing!

UPDATE #2:  Ruth Schmuff is showing off the Nativity set at her shop, Bedecked and Beaddazzled.  Stop in if you have a chance to see these beauties, but if you aren't around Baltimore in time, Ruth posted photos on her blog.

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Cindy said...

I so miss "seeing" Palma on Stitcherie. She's a lovely person & does the most remarkable work. I thought her Easter bunny family was her best, but she has outdone herself with this Nativity. Beyond stunning.