Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Bit More about Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book

I happened to be talking to Sally London of Rainbow Gallery this morning and discovered she's actually read Carole Lake's and Michael Boren's new book (photo on left).

Naturally I asked Sally what she thought.   "I have the #1 book right from the printer out of the box yesterday, and read it last night. It is an excellent book giving ideas and encouraging new stitchers to make that first painted canvas purchase. Tons of info on threads of all types plus stitches categorized by which area they would best be suited for your canvas. Just a personal note about this book, I love the way Carole and Michael have written this, not too wordy--not too technical, you can see that they have a passion about this, and for the average garden variety stitcher it will be a fantastic tool."

She might be a little prejudiced as Rainbow Gallery distributes the book but knowing Carole and Michael, I doubt that plays much into Sally's mini review.  They are pretty smart about needlepoint. threads and painted canvases.  Plus, Sally read it in one night!  That alone tells me I need this book.

By the way, I was curious about the cover.  I think the photo is from StitchPlay's Flyaways design.  What do you think?

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