Saturday, January 11, 2014

All About Needle Painting

Elizabeth is participating in a Needle Quest this year. Apparently each month a different technique will be explored and January's is needle painting. So she has listed her project and all the resources there are to learn and practice needle painting either online or in books.  This is a very useful summary of the technique and where to find information if you want to try it yourself.  Thanks, E!

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  1. Thanks Jane! Anyone who wants to join with the 12 people already signed up for the challenge is very welcome - there's no deadline and it's a low pressure, swing in, swing out challenge.=) I post updates each Monday that the rest of the team can add their links to. My own first piece for this month is about 80% done....

    PS Pst! Don't forget to change your copyright line to '2014'.=)

    1. Thanks for the extra info, Elizabeth. As for the copyright date, I write way ahead so the items that I've written in 2013 have the wrong date. It'll be almost Feb. before there are 2014 dates. Sorry for the confusion!