Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jewels from a Queen

Courtney just finished her Home Study piece from Amy Bunger and has posted great photos.

This Home Study is called Royal Pain in the Tudors by JP Designs since it was a real bear to design.  Each section commemorates one of Henry VIII's Queens. You can see who is represented where by using this diagram.

I think myself it is really a graduate course on adding beads to needlepoint canvas.  It has proved so popular and interesting to do that Amy's Home Study for 2014 will be a companion banner called Oh Henry! to celebrate Henry VIII himself.  I can't wait to see what jewel enhancements and fabric stitches Amy comes up with next!

Great job, Courtney.  Hope you stitch and share King Henry's banner, too.  Of course JP Designs has smaller jewelry pieces that are similar for those short of time for such a large study piece.

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  1. Is there a way to get your daily blog on email?
    Please sign me up.
    Thank you

    1. There's not a way at present that I know of. Try an RSS reader like Feedly or Bloglovin.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words on my completed project! What a great journey it was!

    1. It looks like it was wildly interesting to do, too. Congratulations on the finish. Will you stitch the companion piece or are you looking for something smaller next?

  3. I am stitching the Henry Tudor Hooter owl with Amy's guide, but I have not signed up for the new JP Banner. I do love what she is doing with it! I am about to begin a Tapestry Tent Stocking for my nephew and his wife, so I am filling time with smaller projects until those arrive!
    Thank you, again, for your wonderful blog. I love reading it!

    1. If you have a Christmas stocking in your near future, then small project are all you will have time for this year. Maybe next? Whatever, I do look forward to your next project, Courtney.