Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Rep Made Her Laugh

I love the Needle Nicely blog. Not only does Mary Agnes know her needlepoint, as a shop owner she is always writing about how shops actually work, which fascinates me.  The recent articles have been wonderful.  In the first link below, Mary Agnes talks about the traveling reps who represent various designers and travel around to the shops, showing off their work so the busy shop owner can order goodies for your stitching pleasure.

This one mentioned shipping costs, which are always a factor in mail order.  I just never thought that shops had to consider how much shipping would eat into their bank account, too!

The next article is serious indeed--the financial balancing act a shop has to do to figure out whether a trip to one of the big trade shows is worth the expense.

Next time you see your own shop owner, thank them for doing what they do for you!  It's not exactly an easy job.

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