Monday, January 27, 2014

TNNA Survey for 2013

TNNA's annual market survey "State of Specialty Needlearts" is available for all to read. Needlepoint is a small part of the entire survey but the survey results are very interesting. See page 2 where the survey shows that needlepointers spend more annually on average than any other category (knitters outnumber needlepointers by almost ten times but the average needlepointer spends twice what the average knitter does annual on their craft) and also the last page which has a demographic breakdown.

The thing I took away from this survey is the growing importance of stitch guides in promoting painted canvas sales.  "Needlepointers typically use a stitch guide for half their projects. Needlepoint stores, in contrast, have stitch guides for one quarter or less of the canvases they sold."  There is a lot more to learn by reading the survey carefully but because I sell stitch guides, this is the one thing I really paid attention to.

The use of Facebook and Ravelry if you are a knitter is of growing importance.  If you don't have an account, this is the time to get one.

This is the general survey.  TNNA members can get more detailed breakdowns for their area for free and if you would like to pay for these results if you are not a member, TNNA will gladly sell them to you.

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