Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Month, Another Queen

I'm pretty sure "another month, another queen" is what Henry VIII's subjects were thinking as the queens changed with some regularity!  Luckily our new queen is being stitched by the capable hands of Lori Carter, not executed and replaced.  All the queens are from Rogue Needlepoint and the guides are available from Amy's Golden Strand.  I think this is Katherine Parr, partly stitched, courtesy of Amy's Golden Strand FB page.

You can see two of the finished queens on Amy's website, last two photos on this page.  Anne of Cleves is in the red gown while Catherine of Aragon is in black.

The whole series is on the Rogue Needlepoint site.  Queens Mary and Elizabeth I and Edward VI are still to be designed.  Kudos to Lori for designing a setting for each queen, to Rogue Needlepoint for the original designs, and to Amy Bunger for pulling it all together for our enjoyment.

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