Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rosie Has to Go Shopping

Rosie just finished Ro Pace's "Atlantis Rising" but she needs a stone or piece of jewelry to embellish the central mountain. Any suggestions for great places to shop?

By the way, she did this magnificent piece justice by her inspired stitching.

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LIZ said...

Beautiful job by Rosie! I tried to leave a comment on that blog, but it required a sign-in that wanted too much info. Rosie: I didn't fill in those white areas because I stitched AR on aquamarine canvas. You might try the 4-way continental that you have used elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Jane for the shout out and link the the NJNA blog! I loved this piece by Ro Pace from the second I saw it in the ANG seminar brochure for Philadelphia. I didn't win the lottery to get the course in Philadelphia, but was thrilled to see it offered by the San Bernardino Chapter of ANG which meets near my Mom's home in California!

Liz -- How smart you were to use aquamarine-colored canvas! I did use a lot of 4-way continental with Bijoux to fill in the white spaces. Now I'm done and moving on! My friends have referred me to a number of specialty button sites and I think I've finally found a good option!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Rosie, glad to have mentioned the great job you did. Now that you have a central embellishment, we are eager to see a finished photo. Liz and the other counted folks here are always looking for good sources so if you found it an online shop, please let us know!