Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Last Tango---With Beads

Fans of Day of the Dead-themed canvases will have noticed Tapestry Fair introduced a new Manuel Salas canvas at the January Market. It's called Last Tango and shows a dancing couple under a crystal chandelier.  What happened to them?  Did they find each other in the Land of the Dead?  Did they die on the dance floor in a hail of gunfire from a jealous rival?

Now Swarovski is about to introduce new crystal skulls that would make a nice finishing touch to the chandelier or perhaps provide an accent on those fabulous red dancing shoes.!New-Products/Swarovski-Innovations-Spring-Summer-2015/New-Swarovski-Elements-Crystal-Skull-Beads_2&ea_d=_1_ALL

Aren't we lucky to be stitching these days when there is a style of canvas for everyone and fabulous accents to add to it as well?!

Bonus points to Sheena for discovering the crystal skulls!

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  1. You're right - one of these would look great at the bottom of the chandelier. Thanks Jane & Sheena for finding these!

    1. Sheena found them. I just blabbed to all my friends! This is a great canvas, Peggi. You and Manuel make a great team!