Friday, March 7, 2014

More New Tools From Elsewhere

I have more new tools you might find useful.  Janet Perry reviews Gail Callahan's Color Grid, created to help knitters with their colors.  The second link is to Gail's website, The Kangaroo Dyer.

The Stitcherista is using counting pins to mark areas on her canvas.  She doesn't specify which Etsy seller she got hers from, but it appears to be TJB Designs (second link) which also sells beaded scissor fobs, needle threaders, and stitch pickers.

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  1. Wow! That color grid is a great find. Thanks for sharing.

    And I love it when folks really love using my beaded tools. Thanks for sharing Stitcherista's post also. Nobody wants to frog if they can avoid it. :)

    1. Janet turned the color grid up. She gets the credit! The little tools you make are so pretty! Stitcherista is obviously having fun using them.