Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sandy's Spiced Tea

Sandy Arthur just announced her newest class,  "Pumpkin Spiced Tea." It's a charming pumpkin tea pot with leaves and vines and much much more to create.

This will be taught at the EGA Seminar this year along with one of Sandy's most popular classes, her "Diamond and Rubies" self finishing ornaments.  She's also going to be on the road teaching her "To the Beach" piece at NAN.  You are one busy lady, Sandy!

Hope Blog friends get to take some of these fun courses.

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  1. Lately the links to pictures have been broken. Is it my computer or is there something else going on that the links do not open?

  2. I have no idea. I haven't had any other complaints so it is probably on your end, but with the complexity of everything involved, it is impossible to say where the problems is. Is it with my computer, my ISP, my server, the server/computer/ISP of the original poster, is it your computer/ISP/server, etc.? No way to tell. Wait until tomorrow and try again is my best advice.