Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Introducing the Half Tila

No, the half tila isn't a dive like the Half Gaynor with a Twist.   The half tila is a bead, a narrow rectangle bead with two holes that is actually half the size of a regular tila bead.   Palma Seljan used them on a border for her latest Lani collage and showed off pictures on Facebook, where I spotted them.  She got hers from Caravan Beads, so I did a little Googling so I could shave with 2000 of my closest friends.

Here is a bit more about the half tila.

Aren't we lucky to be living when so many things are available for our stitching pleasure?

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NCPat said...

These are great! I used some of the Tila beads that Ruth Schmuff suggested in Broom Parking and they are so easy to add!