Sunday, April 27, 2014

May 3-5 is On the Horizon

I know half of you read the title and said so what?  Of course the first week of May is just around the corner! But the above dates are for next weekend's TNNA show in Indianapolis.   The designers are getting ready, packing madly, making dinner reservations, checking their To Do lists frantically!

The shops are getting ready, too.  Many have sales just before the trade shows so they clear out inventory and have a little extra cash to buy-buy-buy!  Don't forget to keep an eye on the April Trunk Shows and Sales tab as well as the one that reads "TNNA Indianapolis May 2014."  I've already been posting lots of updates about new items as the manufacturers and designers drop hints or post photos on their Facebook page.  I've also been updated the CH Stitch Guides blog with the newest guides.  Don't forgot to ride the magic carpet over to see what is there when you are looking for inspiration.

The Blue Russian Santa is all ready.  He and two brothers have been turned into stand up figures. They are going to hang out in the Leigh Designs booth with Leigh's latest series (which is fabulous, naturally).  If you are going to the show, I hope you drop by to see him in person.  Nothing beats seeing a piece right in front of you.

Meanwhile, we stitchers are waiting impatiently for everyone to arrive in Indianapolis and for the show to begin!

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Anonymous said...

Jane, Thank you for promoting the May TNNA NeedleAtrs Show! Here’s my link to my What’s New page.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

FABLOUS! I absolutely adore the seahorse stocking. I'll have to put this on the TNNA tab. Hold on while I run over there and paste it in!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

No, thank YOU for letting us know. After all, I might not have found your blog posting right away this morning while I was updating Blog's Canvas of the Day.