Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Threads

Several new threads were introduced at Market or were more widely available after being introduced at the January Market.   I thought I'd list them all here because, let's face it!  I'm a threadaholic!

First up, new colors of Pepperpot Silk.  I like it, but it is not my favorite thread.  It is very shiny and excellent for tent stitches on 18 count. It probably works on 13 count also but I haven't tried it there yet as my current project is 18 count.   It can be divided into three parts and stitched with.  It keeps the shiny look if split into smaller plies but there are slubs so you have to watch as you stitch with it divided and not use the slightly thicker areas or you will spoil the look.  I think it gives a very luxurious shine but I think it might be too tender for upholstery items.  

If you like couched threads, Access Commodities has the threads for you.  Their newest is Russian Braid (available in four shades of silver with four matching shades in silver A Ver A Soie silk to couch it), but they offer silk wrapped purl that aren't on their website.  You can see them here.  I'm waiting for the Gilt Sylke Purl myself.

They also have a new Wire thread.  I don't know if this is for couching or if it will go through NP canvas holes.  I also don't know how stiff it is.

Their Filament Silk Gimp is probably somewhat stitchable but I'd couch it myself or use it on surface stitches like detached buttonhole or maybe French knots.

I think Rainbow Gallery has a variegated Gold Rush 14!  Rainbow Gallery has introduced lots of new colors in various lines, anyway.

Pocket Full of Stitches summaries the new threads here.  They say that Access Commodities has a new fine leather cord in eight colors but that's not on the Access Commodities website.

You'll notice that PFOS mentions the new Silken Straw.  This is similar to Thread Gatherer's Sea Grass except it is wider, shinier and doesn't give the effect of paper when stitched.  I've used it for tent stitches and for longer stitches.  It works either way but longer stitches show off the slight shine better. I also think it is a little cramped on 18 count but 13 count should work well.  It comes packaged for needlepointers in tone on tone and variegated colors.  This is a knitting fiber being packaged for needlepoint.  If you have a well-stocked knitting store in your area and plenty of friends to share with, see if you can pick up a skein there.  I understand there are other threads in the Alchemy Yarns line that may make the jump to smaller packaging for needlepoint.  Check out Sparky, for example.

I see lots of stitching fun in our future!

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  1. Hi Jane - just some comments about Pepper Pot Silk, Planet Earth Silk, and Planet Earth 6-Ply Silk. The naming is confusing (I think). I think that they way i use them is the way intended: Pepper Pot as a non-strandable single thread strand use on 18 mesh; Planet Earth Silk as a non-strandable, single strand use on 13 mesh and very comparable colors in these two lines. Planet Earth Six-Ply is then the strandable silk by this manufacturer and has nice coverage when plied for either 18 mesh or 13 mesh. I use 2 or 3 ply of it on 18 mesh and 4-6 ply of it on 13 mesh depending on the stitch.

    1. Thanks, Kirstin. Those of us with no shop access except mail order tend to use things any way we can. Nice to remember that there are shops with all these things where you can walk in and pick up what you need!

  2. Silken Straw is made with silk! and the Sparky is at least a year away from being skeined into smaller amounts...as I asked them at the show!

    1. Apparently Barbara Elmore also asked about packaging of Sparky and was told the same thing. Guess we'll have to raid knitting stores for now!

  3. More on Silken Straw, which I also picked up at market: You can run a needle down the length and split it into strands, putting together the desired number and using a laying tool! It's delicious!!!!!

    1. Aren't you clever, Randi?! Neat tip. I thought Silken Straw a little thick for many stitches on 18 count. This will take care of that nicely.