Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not Too Busy

Ruth Schmuff's new mystery class uses Shelly Penko's "Bohemian Beauty" canvas and plenty of overdyed threads.

I have to admit I probably wouldn't have thought of using an overdue on the areas that already have so much color.  I would likely have chosen a black thread for the skirt and perhaps a dark green for the blouse.  Does Ruth's overdyes look too busy? Not at all!

This is why Ruth Schmuff is a genius.  (Check out what she says about offsetting the pattern on the chair to create dimension in the third link from the top.)

I almost didn't call this article Not Too Busy since Ruth certainly is one busy lady but it was too perfect a title.  I hope next time you have an area with lots of color you think of Ruth's overdye magic and consider using an overdyed thread there.  I certainly will!

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