Saturday, May 31, 2014

TNNA Indianapolis May 2014

Note that all the links must be copy/pasted in this article because I cannot turn a tab into an article.  I had to copy them all from the tab before I renamed it to reuse it in May 2015.

TNNA's Summer Trade show was in Indianapolis in May 2014 instead of Columbus in June. This section of Blog shows off the newest things introduced there as well as new things that have premiered since the trade show. Please note that new stitch guide information is listed at the CH Stitch Guides blog at this link--


Amy Bunger is posting hints about her next home study piece on Facebook. No, I don't know who it is, either.
HOME STUDY HINT #1 -- The southern artist designing the next home study lives surrounded by still life in miniature.
STUDY HINT #2 -- The next Home Study Project is dedicated to a fictional, full-spectrum storyteller.
HOME STUDY HINT #3 -- I must be stuck on initials for Home Study Artists...MS,KCN, JP AND ??? (these initials can also stand for a guffaw)
HOME STUDY HINT #4 -- Some of the patterns are small (6" x 6"). All are rainbow-hued. The designs original from a time and place where this storyteller would have lived. "Her" fantasies weave through her own story molded by betrayal, murder, power, riches and (of course) love.
Home Study Hint #5 -- Still haven't taken the first stitch, but that doesn't mean that I haven't started. My notebook and thread bag area filling up with goodies to try on first canvas of ......... series. I will try to add a Hint #6 on AGS Facebook tomorrow or Monday. Looks like most of you have guessed the designer and "theme" so soon I need to start showing canvases and ideas.
Home Study Hint #6 -- This paisley is not quite finished but coming along. Did you know that in the 1920s and 1930s American quilters referred to the paisley design shape as "Persian Pickle?"

Amy's latest tidbits-
A. "Nights with Sheherazade" Part One & Part Two
B. Will offer an October Start date
C. Part One is three smaller canvases approximately 6" x 6" spread out in three different shipments
D. Part Two is a single larger canvas 16" x 10" spread out in three different lessons.
E. You can sign up for both parts or just one.

A glimpse of one of the canvases--

Another of the small ones--

This must be the large one--

Vicky DeAngelis posts some wintery Melissa Shirley/Debbie Mumm canvases new at the May market. Vicky has also posted lots of photos of the newest threads from Access Commodities and Planet Earth.

Enriched Stitch has posted photos from the JJ Graphic Designs line, a new designer from Wellesley Needlepoint, on their blog since they are having a trunk show of their work. Everything is based on Boston and Cape themes, so if you love Massachusetts and the ocean, you'll love these.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off new Ewe and Eye canvases, a game board collaboration from Maggie and Lisa Krause, new sequins and beads from The Collection, and the new bullion needles from Colonial.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs of the new Raymond Crawford "cookie" ornaments. Delicious!

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted new Elizabeth Turner Collection magnets. There is a cute castle, lovely cross and a retro owl, spiders in their webs and a nice selection of peacocks, hummingbirds and turtles.

Rug and counted canvaswork fans will be thrilled to hear that Thread Medley is starting a new rug. The Peru Rug is based on a modern rug and is graced with bright, happy colors. I can't wait to see what Jan does with this one!

A new Ashley Dillon Halloween teddy bear, distributed by Susan Roberts.

Amy Bunger is posting hints about her next home study piece on Facebook. No, I don't know who it is, either.
HOME STUDY HINT #1 -- The southern artist designing the next home study lives surrounded by still life in miniature.
STUDY HINT #2 -- The next Home Study Project is dedicated to a fictional, full-spectrum storyteller.
HOME STUDY HINT #3 -- I must be stuck on initials for Home Study Artists...MS,KCN, JP AND ??? (these initials can also stand for a guffaw)
HOME STUDY HINT #4 -- Some of the patterns are small (6" x 6"). All are rainbow-hued. The designs original from a time and place where this storyteller would have lived. "Her" fantasies weave through her own story molded by betrayal, murder, power, riches and (of course) love.
Home Study Hint #5 -- Still haven't taken the first stitch, but that doesn't mean that I haven't started. My notebook and thread bag area filling up with goodies to try on first canvas of ......... series. I will try to add a Hint #6 on AGS Facebook tomorrow or Monday. Looks like most of you have guessed the designer and "theme" so soon I need to start showing canvases and ideas.
Home Study Hint #6 -- This paisley is not quite finished but coming along. Did you know that in the 1920s and 1930s American quilters referred to the paisley design shape as "Persian Pickle?"

A glimpse of one of the canvases--

Alice Peterson has a new faux leather tote bag with a place for a canvas. According to The Needlepointer the tote has a zip and inside pockets and is a light weight with top stitching.

Designer's Desk has a new exclusive Mag Friend magnet of the Chicago bean sculpture. There are two photos so use the side arrow to see both.

Two new Easter Egg canvases from Labors of Love! There are three models (yes, I can count) but only two of the designs are brand new.

The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection has a new sports fan "Boston Strong" exclusive from their shop. (Sorry, don't know the designer's name.) It shows little boys in various team uniforms sitting together looking at the Boston skyline.

Lots of new things have been posted on Facebook today. First, Patt has stitched a new cat from her Patt and Lee line (this is also available from Pajamas and Chocolate, the hand painted line she produces).

Also on Facebook is the newest "Hysterical Historical Hooter," from JP Needlepoint. He's a pirate owl with his parrot and looks like he might be named Blackbeak. LOL

Finally, A. Bradley Needle Arts has posted six new mitten canvases, straight from Africa!

Randi at the World in Stitches has been seduced by the beautiful colors of overdyed 3.5mm silk ribbons from Treenway Silks. These aren't exactly new but I haven't ever seen photos before so I thought you'd like to have them mentioned here. Most silk ribbons are 4mm wide so these are a little narrower than usual, which you might find useful.

ANG is partnering with Accoutrement Designs to offer an exclusive STITCH magnet. You can see the magnet here and order one from ANG at the second link below.

Ruth Schmuff is busy adding canvases from the designers she distributes. New Kimberly painted canvases here-

...and there are new Hal Mayforth canvases here.

Vicky DeAnglis lists the new thread colors coming out in many different lines.

And Vicky talks about Silken Straw and more.

Needlework Retailer News has posted a photo of one of two new Anne Cram Design canvases showing Thatcher Island. Don't miss the sad story behind this small piece of land off Cape Anne.

Laura Perin has a new Bargello design, based on carnations. You can see "Bargello and Carnations" here but follow the link to Laura's website to buy.

LizArt has added five new charts to her website! They are all Bargello counted canvaswork except for Leaping Stag and are all lovely! The first link shows them all off and the second is Liz Morrow's website. The new patterns are all on the "Bargello 2 Needlepoint" page.

Michele Ink Designs has new needle minders. Building on the silver in their precious clay needle minders, the company has figured out how to add color in the form of fused glass. These lovelies will hold your needles secure in style.

Nutcracker fans will be thrilled to hear dede Odgen has redone her nutcrackers pillow and stocking design to make individual ornaments, each featuring a single personable nutcracker. And --drumroll please--each ornament comes with a Robin King guide for it. Not only did dede rework her original design but Robin took the class guide she wrote for 3 Kittens and turned it into eight separate guides, one for each new ornament. Much happiness is in Needlepoint Land today!

Erhman has released their 2014 catalogue, and it is full of new designs and a few rereleased old favorites. These English otis are on 10-12 count and come with wool to stitch the printed pattern. The designs are from the best British artists. These traditional pieces are timeless and easy on the eyes to boot! Don't miss the Kaffe Fassett peacock! There are some astounding florals and animal/insect pieces as well as some very interesting cityscapes.

Laura Perin reminds us of her floral Hardanger samplers. These are very feminine and an easy introduction to Hardanger to boot.

Mag Friends has two new magnets, one a remembrance for D-Day.

Jan of Thread Medley has finished the needlepoint version of her "Nain Diamonds." This is based on a rug pattern from the Nain region of Iran. This will be available as a chart once Jan has time to work it up into diagrams.

Ruth Schmuff agrees with me that foxes are the new owls. She introduces a new Ewe and Eye fox canvas and four brand new seasonal foxes from Eye Candy here. The second link has even better photos of the fabulous new Eye Candy pieces.

There's a new online shop--The Comfy Cottage. It offers needlepoint canvases and needle felting kits. To keep an eye on them as they grow, sign up for their shop newsletter.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs of new Access Commodities threads (leather cord and Russia Braid) on their blog. There is also a photo of two new Melissa Shirley cabins in the snow and Needle Delights' new chart for "Colorwaves."

Bristly Thistle has posted photographs of their orders from the May trade show on their website. Not everything is new but most is and almost everything is beachy given the shop's location in Florida, so I thought everyone dreaming of vacation would like to see their newest.

Liz Morrow of LizArt is making progress on her newest design, Octagon in a Square. It's one of her Mad Miter Bargello pieces, and complex as all get out! Beautiful as well.

Amy Bunger shows off her new Elizabeth Turner Collection magnet (a peacock feather) on her Amy's Golden Strand Facebook page.

The peacock feather magnet is a Big Buddies, if you shop is going to order from Elizabeth Turner for you.

Kate Dickerson Needlepoint is updating some of her designs. You can see the before and after here.

One Off Needlework has a new obsession with daisies.

Rogue Needlepoint has announced a new group of Superhero canvases, sure to please the comic book admirer in your midst. Looks like these will be available in long stripes for belts, purse straps or pet collars.

Kimberly is working on her newest painted canvas, complete with intricate border and a string art dragonfly! The second link shows the full canvas she's stitching and the third has more detail.

Vicky DeAngelis continues publishing photos she took at the Indianapolis Market. This time she shows off Sundance's little guitar playing witch, the stack of pumpkins from JP Needlepoint, The Collection's very beautiful little round Christmas ornaments, new 3-D stuffed animals from Sew Much Fun, and new colors of "crocodile" embossed bags from Lee/Colonial Needle.

Orna Willis has posted her :Window in the Old City" chart in PDF form on her Etsy site. If you love drama, this piece (on black canvas) is for you.

Vicky DeAnglis has posted more new things from Market. I particularly like the Associated Talents orchids (I'm a sucker for orchid canvases), but the beer label piece from Point of It All will be a wonderful gift for the right person, and of course the Laurel Birch fish or birds lady will be big hits for Danji.

Ruth Schmuff has announced the newest Sandra Vargas canvas, the cutest chipmunk EVER. Ruth is going to have this her summer Mystery Class. Details here.

3 Kittens posted photos of items they ordered at Market on their website. The NP things are at the bottom of the page.

Ruth Schmuff's three stitch CDs have been made into a small spiral bound book format! Whoopee!

Here is another glimpse of the new silk ribbon from Planet Earth Fiber.

Associated Talents has updated their website with the newest canvases and free stitch guides, too.

CBK just announced they have updated their website with the new Scott Church Creative canvases.

Vicky DeAngelis showcases Labors of Love's wonderful dog canvases, cute pet themes from The Point of It All, and new colors of the Atenti bags.

TNNA has updated their website with photographs taken at Market of displays from various designers taken at the Designer Showcase just before the Market officially opened.

Ridgewood shows off their new canvases from Barbara Bergsten, which are not only the cute little shift dresses she paints, but perfect preppy purses to match!

SharonG has updated Facebook with two photos of new canvases--a tuxedo cat named Catrina and a beautiful new arched door in her door series. SharonG plans to stitch the door herself so there will certainly be a guide for it in about two months since she has to wait a month for the canvas to be painted for her. Catrina is 8 x 18 on 18 count while the door is 8 x 10 on 18 count.

Annie Lane has three styles of magnets using her designs, all available from her Etsy store.

Vicky DeAngelis posted more goodies from Market--magnets from Elizabeth Turner Designs and geisha canvases also from Elizabeth Turner.

Looks like Kelmscott Designs has new magnets (a barnyard animals magnet and a hospitality pineapple) and buttons (tiny mother of pearl sheep) available.

Terry Dryden has announced her new "Autumn Arrows" kit is now available. (Terry sells kits with or without the threads, just in case you want to use up stash items.) She also has a few other kits for a variety of projects ready to ship. Terry uses English silks in gorgeous colors that most shops don't carry in the United States, so this is a good opportunity to pick up a delightful counted canvaswork project that is a good travel size in unusual threads for your stitching pleasure.

Ridgewood has some of the new "Snow Globes" collection by Kirk and Bradley.

The "Suduku Delight" class is officially announced by Needle Delights.

Jan at Thread Medley has started the needlepoint version of "Nain Diamond."

Kimberly has announced a new design called "Little Bird" in honor of her first grandchild, the fabulous Emma.

Vicky DeAngelis highlights the charming (and occasionally hilarious) designs of Scott Church, distributed by CBK Designs.

Barbara Bergsten has just posted a great summer beach swimsuit design, full of her favorite pinks and greens. Anyone who loves the beach needs to check this one out.

Chaparral Needlework has updated their Facebook page with new designs that have just arrived in the shop from the January and May markets.

Needle Deeva has updated her website with the newest designs! There are florals, birdhouses, cute Christmas squares, and a Jewish symbols cupcake series.

Kreinik has posted four great closeup photos of their newest colors on Facebook. They've also added photos and the complete listing of what color numbers are in what sizes on their blog (second link).

Raymond Crawford Designs is posting photos of his new cookie ornament series on his Facebok page.

Peacock Alley Needlepoint is adding new items to their May Market Finds photo album on Facebook.

JP Needlepoint postedphotos of their TNNA booth to their Facebook page as well as photos of various designer displays from Sample It and Designer Showcase.

Cathy Rapoza of Alice Peterson has posted six photos of new canvases on Facebook. I particularly like the traveling girls in Japan but the ornaments stocking is lovely.

Susan Roberts has updated her website with all the new items.

Photos from Market, courtesy of Vicki DeAngelis.

The Needle Bug has posted nine photos of new Santa ornaments from Curtis Boehinger they just got in stock.

Colors of Praise has a new fun series of canvases called Kids Masquerade. There are four boys and four girls all dressed up in fancy costumes, probably for a Halloween party. You can see them towards the bottom of the page here.

Georg James has new designs out. Two have been posted by Needlepoint Etc. on their blog but Alice Peterson (Georg's distributor) hasn't posted anything else new yet.

Peacock Alley Needlepoint has posted photos of three new canvases to their FB page. Here is a Lani shoe...

...the hilarious bunny mummy (unknown designer)...

,,,and the Melissa Shirley Beach sign with a whale.

Enriched Stitch has posted photos of the newest Maggie canvases. I love these, too.

Vicky's report on the show. She promises much more.

A new Laurel Birch canvas called "Mews"posted by Peacock Alley.

A display of the new Silk Lame Braid colors from their booth, taken by Peacock Alley and posted by them on Facebook.

Here's another new and funny Zecca design.

Painted Pony Designs Needlepoint has updated their Facebook page with photos of their seven new angel designs.

Elizabeth Bradley Designs posted a photo of their booth at Market on Facebook. I think there are several new florals shown.

3 Kittens Needle Arts has posted 26 individual photos of painted canvases at the show. Earlier postings were all about knitting. I particularly like the new peach lotus blossom on a blue and white background from Elizabeth Turner Collection.

The newest designs from Quail Run are available for viewing here. There's a Santa and several wonderful patriotic stars. posted photos of three new Asian fan designs (quail, dragon and cherry blossom or pink wisteria, I can't tell) from Kirk and Bradley.

Nashville Needleworks posted a photo of the new Elizabeth Turner cross with threads to stitch it.

Karen Hennessey just posted a photo of her new Zecca Love Birds clock.

Amy's Golden Strand has posted photos of non-canvas things she found at Market. There are
two types of marker pens and two new scissor brands.

Ja Ja Ja Needle Arts Bags has a new "Kim" style that sounds like a very organized travel project bag.

The Needlework Retailer posted a photo of two of The Collection's lovely Christmas ornaments.

The Artists Collection posted three new photos of many canvases from their booth.

Needle Deeva's distributor posted photos of four small beginner canvases which are on 13 count.

Karen Hennessey posted a photo of her "If You Fall" canvas on Facebook. It's really funny.

Here's Zecca's "Many Birds".

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of new goodies from Market. The photos include new Patti Mann pieces and great close ups of Associated Talents's Halloween ornaments. The finishing on those is superb!

Needle Works lists all the designer websites (with links so you can head right over) that have been updated with new goodies: Barbara Bergsten, CBK Needlepoint, Labors of Love, Leigh, Melissa Shirley, and Zecca.

Amy's Golden Strand has added a ton more photos to the May Market Day 2 album. Folks will love the Go Scratch cat series from Funda Scully. I think the Sundance floral tryptich will be very popular, too. The Artists Collection' witch sitting on the moon sewing is darling and you can see better photos of their interesting bird series with that gorgeous peacock here.

The Artists Collection has added photos of their booth and new designs to their FB page. I love the round dog portraits! Heartstrings has a lovely and unusual peacock in their bird series.

In Stitches (Atlanta) is adding individual photos to their Facebook page.

What's The Point? Needlepoint has created a new photo album on their Facebook page allied More from the Market.

Nimble Needle-Atlanta just posted JP Designs' vintage cars canvas.

Nimble Needle-Atlanta just posted a photo of new Russian Braid from Access Commodities. It is for couching. Very pretty! The second link is the silk wrapped purl, also from Access Commodities.

Associated Talents posted a photo of many of their cute Christmas ornament models.

Amy's Golden Strand has added a new photo album to her FB page called May Market Day 2. I must be losing it because I love the serious frog canvas from The Point of It All Designs! I also like Alice Peterson's dove with ribbon stocking but that's a more normal choice for me.

Amy Bunger has updated her May Market Day 1 photo album on Facebook.

My favorite is the stylized beach scene from Maggie.

Amanda Lawford has posted a photo of her Plum Pudding ornament model. I am not sure if this is new or not, but it is new to me!

Serendipity Needleworks just posted two models from their Joan Lohr/Ruth Dilts class. The Florentine Baubles are from Kirk and Bradley.

Chaparral posted photos of all but one of the Leigh Designs new Imari pieces to their new Facebook photo album. is posting a few photos at a time on their FB page. So far I see Maggie canvases with matching frames (by Lisa Krause?), monogram pillows by an unknown designer or designers, and a sandy beach series (also unknown designer).

The Nimble Needle-Atlanta posted a photo of a Melissa Prince still life canvas that is lovely. It shows a blue and white pot holding magnolia. Just realized this is part of a photo album of new things. Enjoy!

Labors of Love just posted a photo of a model of one of their 3-D bell canvases, stitched by the talented Stacy Brown.

Maggie Thompson just posted a photo of some Maggie trade show booth canvases. Is that cactus holding a martini glass? (Nope, it is a bird.) There are lots of flowers and animals and a very skeptical looking moose!

Associated Talents just posted four photos of their trade show booth. Three words: Halloween, beach and monograms!

Sundance Designs Needlepoint just posted a photo of their Carmen model, a Day of the Dead lady wearing Carmen Miranda's turban and fruit headdress!

Sundance also posted two photos of their trade show booth.

Finger Step Designs has a new book coming out. This one features dotted and checkerboard patterns.

Amy Bunger posted photos from the Viola booth featuring their belt, slipper and sandal strap canvases.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of new things on their blog, from Mag Friend magnets to Birds of a Feather whimsy (a pear tree), to Kirk and Bradley Christmasy designs, to Rebecca Wood funny ornaments featuring dogs and cats, elves and Santa and reindeer, to The Collection designs (love the clothes lines with super hero costumes or couture dresses).

Ehrman has announced a new Kaffe Fassett tapestry called Mughal Forest, which is available to their online customers only until the new catalogue comes out in June. Note the size (huge!) and that it is on 10 count canvas which is much larger than U.S. needlepointers are used to.

Maggie posted a photo of a new rug of houses by Karla Gerard.

Raymond Crawford has posted photos of new cookies on his Facebook page. There are LOTS.

What's the Point? Needlepoint has added a new photo album called "New From Market Enjoy" full of new goodies on their Facebook page. The little kids with their monster shadows is hilarious (second link) and is from Scott Church at CBK.

Nimble Needle-Atlanta has posted a few photos of new canvases on their Facebook page. has posted ten photos of things they saw today on their Facebook page.

Beth Burns Gilbert has posted two photos of her booth.

Here's a closeup of the new Hillary Jean stocking hangers. Cute!

Robbyn has posted a photo of the Robbyn's Nest Designs booth.

She also has added to the New Designs Album on the Robbyn's Nest Designs Facebook page.

PattandLeeDesigns NeedlepointDesigner has posted photos of three of their new witch canvases on Facebook.

There are cute Debbie Mumm owls. This one is my favorite.

Melissa Shirley's sea pail is very pretty.

Rebecca Wood has a nice double-sided Santa with all sorts of wild animals: a peacock, panda, tiger, etc. and some silly dogs and cats (second link).

DJ Designs has a very pretty snowy amaryllis design.

Devon Nicholson has posted a photo of her new Peace Angel design. (She's distributed by JP Needlepoint for those shops that want to order.)

Amy's Golden Strand has added 100 photos to a new photo album called "May Market Day 1" on their Facebook page. There is too much to list but Amy kindly added the designer names on the photos.

Two new floral designs from Needle Deeva.

Models of Associated Talent's new Halloween ornaments.

Amy Bunger posted two photos of the Silken Straw thread. It's wider than Sea Grass and shinier and doesn't look like paper the way Sea Grass does.

Kreinik has introduced Beginner Kits.

Hillary Jean Designs has posted a photo of their market booth.

Hillary Jean models.

Amy's Golden Strand has updated their photo album called "Needlework Showcase and Sample It" with Halloween and Christmas photos from Beth Gantz and Associated Talents, cell phone cases from Alice Peterson that are plastic covers showing stitched models, classic florals and a doll from The Point of It All Designs, and JP Needlepoint's Henry Tudor Owl and other Historic Hooters,

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with all her new designs.

Barbara Bergsten has posted a photo of her booth. Squint to see the goodies!

Amy Bunger has added the dog portraits from Labors of Love to her website.

Pocket Full of Stitches posted photos of new small ornament canvases from Danji and Kristine Kingston on their blog. Besides Kristine's cute crab pieces mentioned below, there are her little purses modeled on the wooden handle ones with button on/off covers of my childhood and Danji's unstitched gingerbread people and house canvases we saw the stitched models of on their Facebook page.

Squiggee's Peeps design is up on the Nimble Needle website, in case you are a fan of this Easter candy. They come in several colors (second link).

Amy's Golden Strand has updated their Needlework Showcase photo album with lots of photos from lots of the booths! There are photos from Associated Talents, Leigh Designs, Julie Mar, Elizabeth Turner, DJ Designs, Barbara Bergsten, Kate Dickerson, and Melissa Prince.

Melissa Shirley Designs has gone from bare to trade show booth!

3 Kittens Needle Arts posted their Day of the Dead canvas (Sundance Designs) from their Sandy Arthur class.

According to Barbara Bergsten the Needlepoint Showcase is in full swing!

Zecca has updated their website with new canvases. I love the Vested Owl which looks like it is saying I am NOT a vulture!

Robbyn's Nest Design has posted photos of their new Tiny Trimmings line, smaller hand painted frames with matching 4x6 canvas inserts. There are 17 new frames and matching canvases, mostly florals and butterflies with a pair of girl/boy pieces and Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween designs. My favorite is the orchids. Many thanks to Robin King for pointing this out.

3 Kittens Needle Arts has posted a photo of the newest Elizabeth Turner Collection magnets. There is a spider web, galloping horse, scissors, peacock feather, bug, a blue bird and a hummingbird, a chocolate pot, a cross, a frog, a bee, a pink owl, tropical fish, a silver heart, a bouquet of flowers and much more.

Kristine Kingston has posted a series of her new crab canvases distributed by Needle Deeva. They are mostly red and blue with various designs on the shell. My favorite is the beer mug crab.

Barbara Elmore has posted a photo of a witch canvas from one of Sundance Designs' new designers. It's called "Song of the Wind" and shows a little witch on her broomstick playing her guitar while bats and fall leaves fly in the night sky and her black cat watches them.

Amy Bunger has posted a photo of her class piece (one of Leigh Designs' Manor Born mansions) taught by Sandy Arthur. There are photos of Sandy and Amy's tote on wheels (known as Baby).

Peacock Alley was in the same Sandy Arthur class. Here is their photo and report.

Danji Designs has posted a photo of their Sample It table, featuring three pairs of gingerbread people and a cute gingerbread house.

Maggie has posted a photo of their booth showing lots of new canvases with matching frames.

Kirk and Bradley has posted photos of their brick building brick cover on Facebook. It's available for pre-order.

Amy Bunger has started to add new items for pre-order to her website. Right now, it is just Accoutrement Designs magnets but that should change tomorrow. Keep an eye on her Facebook page for updates.

Pajamas and Chocolate has posted a photo of their new patchwork witch with her black cat on Facebook. PJs and Chocolate is the hand painted line from Patt and Lee Designs.

A. Bradley Needle Arts has announced new dog and cat breed glasses cases. Details are on Ashley's Facebook page.

Planet Earth Fiber has announced they have a new silk ribbon. It appears to come in three widths: 4mm, 7mm and 10mm.

Karen Hennessey has posted a teaser photo of a new owl canvas from Zecca on Facebook.

Rogue Needlepoint has a new Doctor and Companions plus a Tardis magnet.

Elizabeth Bradley reminds us their catalog of traditional British tapestry design is online.

SharonG has at least two new canvases for Indianapolis: a new Tuxedo cat canvas and a new arched door, trimmed in green on grey sided house with slate front porch. No photos yet. You'll have to check the Fleur de Paris booth (her distributors) for photos once the show starts.

Kirk and Bradley have new snow dome canvases!

Melissa Shirley posted a new birdhouse floral on Facebook!

Lani has updated her website with all the new designs for 2014. Some of these were new for the January show and some are new for the May show.

Vicky DeAngelis is packing her two class models for Market. She plans to post about what she sees and does there on Twitter. Watch for her thoughts at @catangelis.

Accoutrement Designs has posted photos of their newest magnets on their blog. These will be available in limited quantities to order at the TNNA show so I hope my local shops order the cherry blossom magnet!

Juli Poitras has posted a photo on Facebook of JP's newest Hysterical Historical owl, Henry Tudor Hooter. He is all stitched and is hysterically funny.

Want to see the latest Barbara Bergsten pieces? I adore that seahorse stocking!'s_new.htm

Vicky DeAngelis is packing her class threads and stitch guides!

Melissa Prince Designs is showing off new canvases on their Facebook page.

Thread Medley's Nain Diamond piece is finished and the chart will be available soon. The design is based on an Iranian rug and it is lovely.

Hilary Jean Designs has updated their What's New section on their website with the newest designs.

Needle Deeva has posted a new Hanukkah canvas on their Facebook page.

Fleur de Paris has just posted a finished Laura Perin model of one of their Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon pieces on their Facebook page. They will have the stitch guide ready soon.

Colonial Needle plans to introduce a bullion needle with a blunt tapestry needle-like top in Indianapolis. I understand there will be demonstrations of the new needles during the trade show.

Melissa Prince Designs is showing off some of their new designs for the May trade show on their Facebook page. Use the arrows to see all four canvases. is partnering with Kirk and Bradley on a Toy Store Advent Calendar. This is a limited edition piece on 13 count. The second link has a video.

Needle Delights has posted their newest piece on their Blog. "Colorwaves" will be available in late May.

Ruth Schmuff has announced new canvases from Eleanor Grosch's artwork.

Orna Willis just posted her Philly skyline piece on Instagram.

The Collection Designs has just announced the addition of Penny MacLeod to their stable of artists. Here are some of Penny's unique pieces.

Eye Candy has posted a photograph of a great spring design that I think is new on their blog. Let me introduce Easter Town Green!

Labors of Love has posted another Dog on Patterned Background canvas on their Facebook page. There are going to be sixteen of these released at the May Market. I am looking forward to these a lot! All the ones I've found posted on Facebook are collected below.

Needle Deeva and Cynthia Thomas are teaming up to create new floral designs with stitch guides for May.

Needle Delights is working on the newest piece's borders.

Kate Dickerson has been busy!

Kimberly Designs is dropping hints about her newest designs on her blog!

Sandy Arthur has posted photos of two class models she will be teaching the shop owners at TNNA on Facebook. The first is one of the Leigh Design British manor houses,

...and the second is a new sugar skull design from Sundance Designs.

Ruth Dilts has posted a photo of the fish design she and Joan Lohr will be teaching at the TNNA show on Ruth's Facebook page.

Janet Perry does a preview of new items on her blog.

Laura Perin has released a new counted design--"Springtime Ribbons." It has lacy ribbon borders, bunnies, eggs, chicks and flowers--everything necessary for this time of year.

Vicky DeAngelis talks about new threads and rhinestones and there are pictures!

Julie Mar and Friends has a new series of florals to premiere in Indianapolis.

Janet Granger has opened an Etsy shop to sell her dollhouse embroidery kits and charts. Of course she still has her Janet Grander Designs website (second link) to enjoy. I particularly like her online tutorials which must be very helpful for those who are unused to silk gauze or need a little help finishing their miniatures.

Needle Deeva has announced three small new canvases in their Birdhouse Garden series, all to be released at the May trade show. There aren't any photos on their website yet but you can see the original larger Birdhouse Garden at the first link and they've posted photos on their FB page (second link).

There will be a new artist at the May TNNA show--Purple Palm Designs. I've noticed the Purple Palm pieces showing up on eBay lately (many have South Florida landscapes which interest me) and wondered about the artist. Here's a bit of background, courtesy of Erin.

Needle Delights Originals has a newly framed "Stained Glass Stars" back from the framer and a glimpse of the newest design, "Colorwaves" that will be released this summer.

Cynthia Thomas has posted a photo of her Melissa Shirley Hippity Hop rabbit she will be teaching a the May TNNA snow on Facebook.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the Pepperberry Halloween Chimney Sweep Cat she will be teaching at the May TNNA show.

New exclusive magnet for the next trade show. Beth Burns Gilbert posted this on her FB page so ask her for details.

The Needlepointer has new designs from JP Needlepoint in the shop, many of which I have not seen before.

Barbara Bergsten created her newest needlepoint saying during a snowstorm.

Melissa Shirley Designs has posted a preview of her newest tabletop design "Summer Fresh" to premiere in May on her FB page. She also posted a photo of her newest basket, the Fourth of July basket (second link).

NeedleDeeva Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases has posted their new 12 piece Nativity set on their FB page.

Pocket Full of Stitches has new books and magnets in the shop. I'm posting the link here because I think some of the Elizabeth Turner magnets are brand new. I've never seen them before.

Patty Paints has a new round ornament of the Golden Gate Bridge posted on their FB page.

Kimberly has finished her Santa. She designed the canvas and stitched it and I think a guide will be available, but regardless, you have to see this!

Laura Perin has posted about her newest flower design, the "Azalea Collage," just in time for spring!

Fleur de Paris has posted a new dede Odgen koi pond photo on their Facebook page. (They distribute dede canvases.) This one will be out in May.

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