Saturday, June 14, 2014

A. Bradley is Distributed Far and Wide

A Baby Owl for Christmas
I just heard that Chris has added A. Bradley to the stable of artists Chris Lewis distributing.  This is great news for the designers who now have the burden of painting their canvases and getting them to the shops removed from their To Do list.  All they have to do is create more fun stuff.  Ashley Bradley's stuff is very cute indeed.  See the owl stocking above?  That's in my stash, waiting for a little free time so I can stitch it.  I plan to needle felt the fur trim, by the way.  Watson's fur will create the face trim and Suki's fur will create the tiny ball at the tip of the cap.

Chris Lewis also distributes Needle Deeva.  Shops can place A. Bradley orders by emailing and Needle Deeva orders by emailing  Or you can write

Chris Lewis
A. Bradley Distributor
Needle Deeva Distributor
4523 50th Street
Lubbock, TX 79414

Or just call 830-445-9382.  Chris will be happy to talk about these wonderful designs with you!

Not familiar with these names?  Take a little gander at these!

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  1. This is so cute and will be wonderful using the boy's fur!

    1. All I need is a little spare time.... LOL Happy Summer, Pat.

  2. A.Bradley Needlearts has so many adorable, whimsical designs - hard to choose. The one that has always tickled me is called (I think) "Snowspoon" - a snowman using the bowl of a spoon as a sled.
    Love the idea of Watson & Suki donating fibers for the owl - will you be sharing progress pictures of how you do the needle-felting? (hint-hint)

    1. I will blog-stitch it for you, Cindy. If I ever have enough free time! My stitching is planned through next year already!