Sunday, June 29, 2014

Musicians Stitch UPDATED

Thanks to Tara, I discovered a new convert to needlepoint-- Macklemore.

A great many actors are converts, since nothing deals with mind-numbing boredom of waiting for the cameras to roll better than stitching, but it looks like musicians are also using needlepoint to be creative when their hands are otherwise idle.  How about this music video created through machine embroidery? (Score by Throne)

Taylor Swift does embroidery, by the way.  (It doesn't appear to be needlepoint OR cross stitch to me but most folks in their 20-30s have never seen any type of handwork, so naturally they can't identify it.)


"Doesn't everyone?"

I am happy to see the need to make things with our hands using a needle of some sort isn't confined to  middle-aged or older people who have more free time than younger folk.

UPDATE:  Looks like the younger generation likes gardening, too.

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