Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hair, long beautiful hair shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen

Anyone remember the musical Hair?  I am not sure Anna Scott, who lives in Australia, was thinking of the lyrics as she came up with a way to create streaming hair for her stumpwork girl, but it applies!

The techniques Anna is using will work very nicely for needlepoint such as my newest acquisition--Hawaiian Girl with Fruit.  (She's 7x7 on 18 count and costs $85 as does her companion, Hawaiian Girl with Ukelele.  Email Gussie and ask her to get you one.)

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  1. I hate doing hair & fur - so frustrating. In fact, I have to rip & redo GD's angel's 'do, and fast, because it just looks *weird* -not at all what I envisioned.
    This is excellent hair, and will suit your Hawaiian girl very well indeed. Unfortuantely, the angel has a chin-length bob.

    1. I love stitching hair myself. Is it the thread, Cindy? Finding the right thread for the look you want is essential.