Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Start Threads

The cross stitch site Funk and Weber is running a series of tutorials on how to start threads.  These things will work on any ground fabric, so I thought I'd mention them on Blog.  The first posting is about starting threads with waste knots.

Next is how to start threads with a loop.

The next tutorial talks about starting threads by piercing them.

Note that some of these techniques can also be used to end off threads.

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  1. Thanks for those links! Funk and Weber is a great needlework firm. I took a webinar from Jen a little while ago on making your own pearl cotton (of course I used silk), and she did a wonderful job of explaining it step by step. I've bookmarked the "How Tos" page of the website.

    1. It's an interesting site for needlepointers, even if it is really cross stitch. For those who are curious, here's the link SL is talking about. I had it bookmarked to add to Blog's Tips tab. Guess I'd better do that today! Thanks for the reminder. SL.