Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Ginger Cat Tea Cozy

Normally I post new canvases and charts in the Tabs on Blog so that all the new things are in one place for the stitcher who is looking to add to their stash, but today's item is just too cute and unusual to put it there. After all, I know plenty of fans of ginger cat designs. (Hi, Robin!)

If you want a simple but very fun project, then Janet Granger's new dozing cat tea cozy kit is for you.  Janet specializes in miniature designs, often on silk gauze, for dollhouse fans.  But it occurred to me that anyone who loves teapots and cats might love picking up this kit (and a tiny china teapot!) to stitch this summer.

Janet's tea cozy designs are worked in tent stitches using Anchor cotton floss on 32 count silk gauze.

Janet even has a tutorial on how to make up your tea cozy yourself.

This is a short project that won't take long, is unique and fun.  I don't remember seeing a cat tea cozy before but what could be more natural?

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