Monday, September 15, 2014

Fair Winners

This is the time of year that there are many local and state fairs, many of which offer ribbons for needlework. I've collected quite a few Facebook photos of award-winning needlepoint that I thought Id share with you.  Here's a blue ribbon from the Minnesota state fair.  This is Sue Kerndt's "Holiday Patches" but the stitcher is unknown.

Mary Ann Saurino has won quite a few ribbons from the Minnesota state fair!

Susanne is posting photos she took at the Kentucky state fair.  Stitchers are unknown.

Brenda won a second place ribbon at the Texas state fair!  This piece is in honor of her mother.

Beth took a first at the Stark county fair!

Summer took all sorts of ribbons with her Amanda Lawford Santa.  Applause!

Here are five Maryland state fair ribbon winner photos.  Use the side arrows to navigate.

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