Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marianne's Worst Ever Book Review

New Needlepoint dot com is one of three well-known needlepoint book sellers online. Marianne's reviews are fascinating. When I am bored or killing time I often go to her website and read a few reviews of books I own, I might like to own, or in this case, a book I wouldn't give to my worst enemy.   (However if you need the perfect gag gift for your guild Christmas party, let Marianne know.)

Keep up the good work, Marianne.  I almost hurt myself falling out of the chair laughing.  Bet you sell this, too.  Someone is bound to want to see this turkey for themselves!

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  1. Oh, this is so funny. I actually have the "worst book ever" in my small collection of reference books! I think it was purchased at an estate sale for a quarter or fifty cents, along with a couple of others (which have proved useful). I think I'll print the review & put it in the book.

    1. I am starting to feel guilty for making fun of this book, but not every book deserves to live on in our libraries. Do put the review in the book and release it into the wild and perhaps it will find a home with a stitcher with a sense of humor!