Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Backside of Miniature Rugs

Natalia posted an interesting article about why she uses tent stitches (mostly continental, but never basketweave) when she stitches a miniature rug. She feels the tent stitch makes for a neater background when working on such a small scale.

Her current rug commission (below) is on 40 count silk gauze and includes a very intricate pattern, probably not suitable for basketweave anyway.  I always expected some differences between stitching on needlepoint canvas, congress cloth and silk gauze but I never expected that using tent stitches would neaten up the background!  Still, Natalie points out this works for her and won't necessarily work for other stitchers.

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  1. First link says it does not exist?

    1. No, the article has disappeared. Of course I write these articles way ahead of time. Sometimes an article is pulled for some reason. There is something odd about Natalia's blog, though. There are many repeats of the same article which tells me she is having technical difficulties. Too bad! The article was interesting. She thinks continental does much neater work on silk gauze than basketweave, but I would expect that to be true of any piece with many frequent color changes. You can't start-stop colors as easily on silk gauze as NP canvas in my experience.